Solutions Designer. Technologist. Generalist. Creating value by helping teams solve complex problems to more effectively engage their audience in impactful ways.

*in London, Canada working on Form & Foundry looking for new and interesting opportunities


Nice to see you here. I’m Kevin.
I bridge the gaps between content strategy, user experience, and communications technology. I design solutions that allow modern teams to develop, foster, and increase meaningful engagement opportunities across channels, helping them meet and surpass their business & engagement driven objectives.

My breadth of experience as a designer, entrepreneur, technologist, educator, generalist & creator of things, allows me to bring a unique outlook to each project I work on. The strategies I develop are well informed by a thorough understanding of the limitations & opportunities that arise during implementation.

As part of a team I create value by providing an honest assessment of project value; regularly acting as an intrepreneur, or the ‘designated dissenter’, I’m often asked to re-imaging what could be.

Some of the organizations whose teams I’ve developed engagement opportunities with include:

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