Hi, I’m Kevin Van Lierop.

A goal to empower individuals and communities to take greater ownership over their futures has led to the most rewarding work I have ever completed. Approaching my work with a servant-leadership mindset, my expertise is in designing strategies and platforms which create engaging experiences in support of helping others achieve their goals.

In 2017 I am taking the time to explore how I can focus my passions and expertise through a small number of intentional actions to create more meaningful and lasting change in the communities I serve.

Previously I have worked with amazing organizations such as the City of London, Western University and Fanshawe College, and Libro Credit Union where I created engaging experiences in community, education, and online environments.

I am currently open to new and interesting career opportunities. If you would like to work together, please get in touch.

To build skill and gain perspective between full-time roles I take on projects that are interesting, challenging, or in disciplines where I have little experience. Some of the companies I’ve worked with include: Brick Books, Museum London, Ladies Learning Code, UnLondon Digital Media Association, and Urban League of London.

I also create personal projects like Block Party in a Box, Walk London, and PARK(ing) Day which focus on civic engagement, urban spaces, and the places we call home. I’m currently collaborating with other ‘city lovers’ to develop resources which engage, educate, and empower everyday citizens.