an image of the Block Party in a Box print-outs

Block Party in a Box

Recognizing that we don’t often get together as an entire block, street, neighbourhood or community simply to socialize and celebrate with one another, Block Party in a Box was designed to enable neighbours from across the globe to meet each other and celebrate the places they call home

Less about the actual toolkit and more about encouraging and enabling residents to be more active in their neighbourhoods, Block Party in a Box acts as a catalyst for community interactions and relationship building.

What I Accomplished

  1. Utilized in communities across the globe, I designed a print-at-home tool kit that has enabled neighbourhood interactions in counties in 6 of the 7 continents, including places such as Argentina, Ireland, The Republic of Korea, in addition to numerous communities across Canada and the USA.
  2. Working with library systems and neighbourhood development agencies across Canada and the USA, Block Party in a Box has been integrated into neighbourhood programming to help residents better connect with their local communities.
  3. While providing a widely accessible and free-to-access downloadable resource, I established a sustainable and ongoing revenue stream that supports other civic building and neighbourhood development initiatives around the globe.