Cities are amazing places.

Cities are economic, social and cultural drivers of this continually developing planet we inhabit. Now, more than ever before, cities are where the world’s population is choosing to work, live & play.

But, we don’t appreciate cities nearly enough.

On a daily basis we pass people we care not to interact with, we surround ourselves with environments that we see as nothing more than walls, and we occupy specific places which we fail to appreciate the full value that they provide.

Most people, myself included, generally don’t take the necessary time to truly understand and appreciate the urban spaces we inhabit.

This weekend I’ve chosen to do something about this.

For the past three years I’ve had the urge to make a personal visit to both Windsor, Ontario & Detroit, Michigan to learn more about these fascinating cities. I wanted to know more about how they’ve been re-envisioning and are re-building themselves some tough economic times. This purpose is in addition to selfishly wanting to embark on a trip to re-invigorate my love and excitement for everything urban & civic related.

Along with Flint & Ann Arbor, I’ll be visiting these cities over the new few days, exploring them alongside both friends & strangers. A ‘civic tour’ of sorts, this extended weekend will touch on arts, culture, civics, social-everything (ie. enterprise, entrepreneurship, practice) and even the occasional craft brewery. On return I hope to have a more informed, balanced and broader perspective of cities and what makes them tick.

So with that said, I’m off to explore some civic spaces and learn more about the cities that so many of us occupy and call home. Upon returning I look forward to sharing my findings.

By why share any of this with you?

You’re reading this because you’ve sent me an email.

I take my email very seriously. I take my email as serious as I take my time away from home, my time away from my computer and my time away from email itself.

I believe that when someone is on vacation they should be on it 100%, this includes being on vacation mentally. Far too many people stress about email when on vacation or stress about the thought of how much email they will return to. In the past I’ve been one of these people but I no longer am.

I’ve chosen to automatically delete the email you just sent me and any subsequent emails you will send while I am away. I will never see them.

If what you sent me deserves my attention I encourage you to resend it after 9am on Tuesday July 16th, 2013 when I return to work and email.

If you find this action drastic or don’t agree with my methods, I respect your opinion but that still won’t alter the deleted state of your email(s). You’re best to simply accept this fact and resend emails as needed.