Community Engagement Task Force

Formed in 2011 of active citizens from across the City of London, the Community Engagement Task Force researched, reviewed and assessed the work already undertaken to engage the public. The Task Force focused on engagement as it related to public information and participation, dialogue, communication, consultation and input.

The Task Force worked collaboratively with Civic Administration to develop and recommend to City Council a policy on community engagement which was unanimously supported & approved in 2012.

Upon approval of the community engagement policy the Task Force continued its work, researching and making recommendations regarding:

  1. “Empower” as it related to the community engagement framework
  2. Reporting on legislations and bylaws that support and enhance community engagement in other provinces and countries
  3. The development of a Civic 101 curriculum to educate citizens about community engagement

What I Accomplished

  1. The policy on Community Engagement I helped to develop and recommend collaboratively with Civic Administration, based on the research, review, and assessment of work undertaken to date to engage the public at large, was supported by city staff and passed unanimously by City Council in January 2012.
  2. Representing the Community Engagement Task Force, I made a delegation to City Council to report on the progress of the Task Force to-date, and to provide comments and insights into the ‘next-steps’ for work related to community engagement within the City of London.
  3. Designing a forum for community engagement and dialogue of how to “re-imagine government and citizenship in the age of participation”, I hosted a Change Camp and the visiting Fourth Wall exhibition. Through these series of events, the Community Engagement Task Force aimed to engage citizens in answering questions such as, “How can we open the doors to meaningful dialogue and participation, allowing us to collectively build the city we want to live in?”