Emerging Leaders

Focused on the retention, development and engagement of emerging talent, Emerging Leaders London Community Network (Emerging Leaders) was founded as an incorporated nonprofit towards a more vibrant, inclusive and dynamic London community for the future.

Passionate about new models of cross-sectoral leadership, mentorship, and the building of bridges and relationships that benefit talent at all levels, Emerging Leaders was dedicated, steadfastly, to collaboration and innovation, and made a commitment never to duplicate the efforts of others or to create silos in the community.

What I Accomplished

  1. Through the establishment of a formal membership program, I grew the organization’s membership base by more than 300% during its first two years while at the same time developing a sustainable revenue stream.
  2. Advancing the organization’s community engagement activities, I lead the development of its inaugural strategic plan which provided direction for the organization during my tenure and beyond. My work provided incoming staff and Directors the opportunity to focus less on foundational structures and more on the implementation of engagement activities.
  3. Managing a team of volunteers, Directors and consultants, I lead the implementation of all organizational programming including one which provided a fresh new take on leadership development. I was able to support the personal and professional development of program participants, allowing them to better understand and appreciate their talents as new leaders in the community.


  • Location: London
  • Dates: 2011-2012
  • Role: Community Engagement Manager
  • Website: emergingleaders.ca