Go West Young Man

I was trying to write something sentimental to start this off but here’s the thing; I’m not a sentimental guy, never have been, but it seems this case is different. cue the tears

Over the past three years I’ve had the chance to get to know a great guy named Jody Bailey (aka @3oh6). While at times I thought he was crazy [1] I’ve come to realize that he’s no crazier than any one of us.

Jody has encouraged me to bike more, taught me that rum + Arizona Iced Tea = Awesomeness, made me realize that I’m not crazy for wanting to live a life that is full of less stuff, been there to help with both small and large things and made me generally feel better about myself overall.

But now Jody is moving on, some type of ‘Manifest destiny’ he claims. If I didn’t know there was family, a woman and bigger things involved I would have assumed his choice to go west would have went down something like this.

With that said, Jody is off to bigger and better things, moving beyond the forest city, into oil country [2] and everything that entails. While we’ll all miss him around London we know that he’s only a short bike ride or 140 characters away.

Best of luck Jody and remember; you’ve left this place better than you found it and we’re ever in debt to you for it.

  1. mainly for riding a single speed 365 days a year  ↩
  2. not for oil though  ↩