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Growing Prosperity

I was fortunate to have been presented with one of the inaugural Growing Prosperity Awards this past weekend at the Libro Credit Union AGM. Along with Stephanie Soulis (Owner Representative) and Rhys Dulisch (Owner), I was recognized for exceptional and significant contributions made to growing prosperity in southwestern Ontario.

From the moment I learned of my nomination I was nothing but surprised, overwhelmed and certain that there were others more deserving to be nominated for (and receive) the award.

You see, everyone who is a part of Libro Credit Union is deserving of this award in one way or another. While I’ve only been with Libro a relatively short period of time, I’ve yet to meet any individual who is a part of this organization, Staff, Owner Representative or Owner, that isn’t growing prosperity in their community in a way which resonates with them.

Whether it be regular volunteering, owning a small business, supporting local cultural events, advocating for causes close to their hearts, providing exceptional financial coaching, or simply lending a hand where one is needed, each and every Libro Owner (which we all are) does something to improve the places they call home and the people & organizations that are a part of their life.

While I shouldn’t be, I’m constantly in awe of how similar and common values can be found amongst everyone at Libro and the myriad of ways these translate into personalized contributions across the region. I’m clearly biased, but Libro as an entire organization is making southwestern Ontario a better place to live and that isn’t something easily said about many organizations its size.

Those who know me best will tell you that I’m happier not being the centre of attention. They will also tell you (and they remind me of it often) that humility can be a detriment to someone’s character as much as a benefit; this is not lost on me. I am greatly appreciative of the recognition and while it’s not necessarily needed, a ‘Thank You’ is often preferred to any type of ‘hoopla’.

Having volunteered with fellow Staff members, seen what Owners are doing in their local communities, and knowing how Owner Representatives are growing our organization, I know this award could have come with 100,000+ names attached to it.

Collectively we, Libro Credit Union, are growing prosperity in southwestern Ontario and I am extremely fortunate to be a part of of that, building something larger than myself with such great people.