London Strengthening Neighbourhood Strategy

In November 2008, residents who felt passionately about London and making their neighbourhoods great places to live, work and play, responded to an open invitation to form a Resident Task Force. Over an 11 month period, 100 residents from 27 neighbourhoods developed London’s Strengthening Neighbourhoods Strategy (LSNS) and 5 Year Implementation Plan: a road map that contains the collective ideas of a group of London’s residents for creating the best city they can imagine.

What I Accomplished

  1. Developing foundational resources, I designed a series of maps displaying local neighbourhood assets, which allowed the Resident Task Force to better understand the places they call home. My work provided a starting point from which a deeper understanding of existing assets could be developed to help better plan for the future including ways to leverage the community’s strengths.
  2. Analyzing and interpreting both geographic and tabular data, I helped to establish more meaningful understandings of the raw data in context to other relevant information. My work, conducted as a member of the Human Environments Analysis Laboratory, contributed to future research on neighbourhoods, their built form and how citizens interact with their communities on a day-to-day basis.
  3. Identifying inconsistencies and inaccuracies in data, I developed solutions to correct issues at their source. My work provided opportunities for municipal datasets to be improved, in turn influencing higher quality analysis and interpretation of information across across municipal departments and local agencies.