NeighbourGood Guide

The NeighbourGood Guide was an interactive website designed by the community to help share information about London’s many neighbourhoods. Allowing users to mark their neighbourhoods, share little gems about the community, along with coming events and other posts, the NeighbourGood Guide helped to build stronger connections among residents in communities across the city.

As an extension of the NeighbourGood Guide, the Little Gems Contest was launched to provide residents an additional mechanism to share and celebrate the diverse neighbourhoods that make up the city of London and the Little Gems which each of them contain. With a $5,000 prize for a neighbourhood enhancement project, the ‘gem’ which received the greatest number of ‘likes’ on the website was crowned ‘London’s Favourite Little Gem’.

What I Accomplished

  1. Designing a comprehensive strategy to engage residents from across the city of London as part of the London Strengthening Neighbourhoods Strategy, I worked with municipal and not-for-profit partners to employ tactics focused on event marketing, public relations, and engaging with citizens through both digital & traditional community building platforms.
  2. Developing local leadership capacity by stewarding an inclusive online space, I empowered citizens to celebrate the favourite parts of their unique communities. Engaging with over 5000 residents through one-on-one conversations over the course of the summer, I drove peak lifetime traffic to the NeighbourGood Guide website while engaging more than 2500 visitors through online dialog.
  3. Connecting community residents with businesses and organizations, I encourage communication and coordination towards developing a unified voice to facilitate change in communities. Working together, groups of community stakeholders implemented neighbourhood improvement projects which dramatically improved the local quality of life.