What I’m Doing Now

  • As a Co-operative Education Consultant, I am offering expertise, guidance and support to students at Fanshawe College. Better connecting students to their professional communities through collaborations and partnerships with local organizations, I am focused on how experiences that bridge learning environments can be more meaningfully designed.
  • Leading Good City Co. as a Senior Research Fellow, I am crafting platforms, resources and activations to engage, educate and enable citizens to harness their unused potential and take greater ownership over the cities in which they reside. I am currently investigating the important role place plays in fostering citizen empowerment in communities.
  • As a Partner with Form & Foundry Inc. I am supporting clients from across industries in the generation of strategies, design of platforms and implementation of projects that aim to create more meaningful and engaging experiences. Primarily I am translating knowledge across complex systems and helping my clients to better understand the challenges they face by providing a critical perspective where it’s most often needed.
  • Still working away at a Master of Adult Education degree with a focus on Community Development, I have recently completed a professional portfolio focused on reflective analysis. Now, I am reading broadly across topics such as informal learning, empowerment, community development, and place.
  • I am still exploring how I can focus my passions and expertise through a small number of intentional actions to create more meaningful and lasting change in the communities I serve.