image of a notebook, watch and coffee

What I’m Doing Now

As of February 9, 2017 I am…

It’s now been almost three months since I left my former job and set out to establish a more fulfilling life for myself. In this period of time a lot has happened and not much has changed at the same time.

I have more ‘on the go’ these days than I wish I would but it’s all working towards shaping a life full of greater meaning for my future self.

Currently I’m working on the following things:

  • Finishing up learning ‘Stand By Me’ as I try to broaden my creative endeavours by learning to play the ukulele. It’s going well so far.
  • I’ve completed the foundation for a study of ’shared spaces as catalysts towards local economic development’. If successful in garnering support and securing funding this study would tap into the wealth of local knowledge surrounding diverse shared spaces to share best practices and resources for the development of similar environments across southwestern Ontario. This is a collective effort between the UnLondon Digital Media Association and Form & Foundry Inc.
  • I’m spending lots of time reading, both in anticipation of being accepted to a graduate studies program , and to expand what written words I typically consume. I recently started to listen to audiobooks and while I’ve found I can only consume certain types of books through this medium it has provided an opportunity for me to learn in different ways. I thoroughly enjoyed Cal Newport’s, ‘Deep Work’.
  • I’ve started to keep a digital notebook and for the most part shared online. I was tired of having scattered systems for keeping notes, writings, journals, and documents from any learning opportunities I’ve had. Rather than trying to find the perfect app I decided to go with what I know, and what will always (gulp!) be around, WordPress. It’s not perfect but I’m starting to understand that perfection isn’t necessary and it can be detrimental. I’m enjoying the system so far and believe it will be of value down the road.
  • I wanted to get back into a formal habit for learning and educating myself, both for personal reason but as well as in anticipation of graduate studies. I’m now choosing to slow down when I read, taking ‘proper’ notes, and reflecting on what I’ve read. I call this ‘Study’.
  • I’m still working on brainstorming designing what an organization might look like that’s focused on citizen engagement, education, and empowerment. I’ve gathered some buy-in from other individuals and might have found a partner to go at it with me.
    • Related but not intentionally, I’m working on a quick proposal for a small amount of money to operate a pop-up ‘civic centre’ in the fall of 2017. A space to encourage and facilitate conversations among citizens about the communities and city they inhabit, I hope that this comes to fruition and can be used as a pilot project for something larger in the future.

Habits I’m working on forming:

  • 60 days without drinking beer
  • 30 days without drinking coffee
  • cycling 3+ hours per week
  • ukulele playing each day
  • taking an hour per day (minimum) to study, learn, and grow
  • performing daily reviews each afternoon before I finish ‘work’ for the day
  • performing a weekly review each Sunday, early afternoon, to reflect on what’s past and to plan for what’s yet to come

I’m listening to lots of The Lumineers lately . I’ve finished watching ’Son’s of Anarchy’ in its entirety for the umpteenth time and I regret it as I usually do.