image of Kevin on the main intersection in Antigonish, NS

What I’m Doing Now

  • I have recently returned from sabbatical. Spending time in Canada’s east coast and locales other than London, Ontario allowed me to create the space necessary to focus on critical self-reflection.
  • At the beginning of 2017 I started a Master of Adult Education degree with a focus on Community Development. Among many other things, I’m curious how we can more effectively foster citizen empowerment and leadership in community environments.
  • I am seeking out a career opportunity that can leverage my expertise in designing strategies and platforms which create engaging experiences in support of helping others achieve their goals. I am looking to apply my servant-leadership mindset to empower individuals and communities as they take greater ownership over their futures.
    I am open to new and interesting opportunities. If you would like to work together, please get in touch.
  • I am still brainstorming what an organization or program might look like that’s focused on citizen education, empowerment, and creative urban projects. There’s a lot here to unpack.
  • I am taking the time to explore how I can focus my passions and expertise through a small number of intentional actions to create more meaningful and lasting change in the communities I serve.