PodCamp London

Hailed as ‘the forest city’s new media unconference’, PodCamp London was southwestern Ontario’s original participant-lead unconference for new media enthusiasts and professionals.

Bringing together individuals interested in podcasting, blogging, social media and new technologies related to the ever evolving web, PodCamp London drew participants from London and southwestern Ontario, as well as Hamilton, Toronto and as far away as Ottawa.

PodCamp London functioned as a catalyst for future events and platforms that connected individuals and teams with the knowledge,
resources, spaces and people needed to explore new ideas and projects. PodCamp London helped to cultivate local communities surrounding technologies and social platforms, in turn increasing engagement of the community-at-large.

What I Accomplished

  1. Transforming PodCamp London from a simple conference into a platform for enhanced dialog and community development, I helped to increase awareness of, resources for, and membership of the UnLondon Digital Media Association which has become a cornerstone organization in technology, digital literacy, and entrepreneur communities.
  2. Establishing a new standard for a conferences and networking events, my work informed and influenced the development and execution of technology, community, and political focused events across southwestern Ontario helping to elevate the quality of dialog within and among niche communities.
  3. Securing sponsorship funding & support, increasing year-over-year including the highest amount during it’s final year, my work designed and delivered an engaging conference experience for an audience of more than 200 people that was FREE to all who wanted to attend.


  • Location: London
  • Dates: 2009-2012
  • Role: Community Animator & Conference Organizer
  • Website: www.unlondon.ca/podcamp