image of a woman using an iPad in an art gallery

Visible Storage

Encouraging a greater depth of user interaction, the digital platform I designed has created more meaningful visitor experiences in a highly traditional cultural environment.

NeighbourGood Guide

Connecting businesses & organizations with their local communities, my work brought residents together to enable greater collective capacity while celebrating what makes neighbourhoods unique.

an image of the Block Party in a Box print-outs

Block Party in a Box

Acting as a catalyst for community interactions and relationship building, the print-at-home toolkit I designed has empowered neighbours from across the globe to celebrate the places they call home.

Emerging Leaders

Establishing strategic partnerships and foundational structures, I encouraged new leaders to take greater control over their futures while influencing organizational advocacy and outreach efforts.

image of man walking with Walk London signs posted in the foreground

Walk London

I established a precedent, through the installation of a guerrilla signage initiative, upon which municipal wayfinding programs were established.

Community Engagement Task Force

The community engagement policy I helped develop & recommend outlined the foundational elements for increased citizen engagement across the City of London.

image of a park in a parking space

PARK(ing) Day

Bringing together not-for-profit organizations, businesses, and citizens to take ownership of urban space, I changed the quality of dialog about the city we live in while empowering others to do the same.

PodCamp London

Building a legacy for social & digital media communities across the region, my work informed, educated and connected members of diverse communities through an interactive & engaging participant-focused conference.

London Strengthening Neighbourhood Strategy

Visualizing existing community based assets, I helped engaged neighbourhood residents to better understand what strengths they could build community capacity from.