I’ve always been fascinated with the causation of elements in every day life.

What factors play a roll in changing habits engrained in our daily routines?

What causes new habits to form, for better or worse?

Why do we do the things that we do?

Many things happen in our lives, both in daily routine and over a lifetime, that are influenced, impacted and altered by external factors that we have no control over. While these forces help to shape who we are as individuals and the lives we lead, I strongly believe that they have only the slightest impact on the lives we develop for ourselves.

I believe that we have the personal control to make the lives we live our own.

In my personal life I’ve tried to be more intentional in understanding why I make basic choices every day while trying to bring intentionality into building the type of life I’d like to be leading over the course of my existence.

In many cases the choices I’ve made, and continue to make, have lead me towards living life more simply.

My wants have become far less prevalent than my needs. The choices I make on a daily basis have become grounded both in intentionality as well as a core set of values defined by the things that I find most important.

While I can’t say when it started, over roughly the past decade I’ve been on a slow and undefined journey to shape my life into a simpler one. This journey has been one of self-discovery and refinement and while far from perfect, the life I find myself living today is as simple as it has been for as long as I can remember.

The past year has been difficult and in many ways I’ve been forced to reconsider most every aspect on my daily life & routine. Now, with more ‘ground under my feet’ I feel I have a better sense of where I’m headed and why I’m headed there.