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What’s Next?

If someone asked me twenty-four months ago, ‘what’s next?’ I couldn’t have predicted where I would be today. Unable to see the future, life has a way of taking you on emotional, exciting and transformational journeys when you least expect it.

For the past year or so, I’ve been considering ‘what’s next’ for me. I’ve been working with an amazing group of people at Libro Credit Union, investing in my local community, and growing prosperity in southwestern Ontario, the later which I was recognized for with a Growing Prosperity Award. And yet, something hasn’t clicked.

I’ve been successful in my role, influencing the way we do business as we shift resources towards the digital landscape, and contributing to initiatives shaping both the organization & region. But the day-to-day of implementing someone else’s design, not being able to fully leverage my curiosity, big picture thinking, and aptitude for innovation & creative design? Not so much.

I’ll save the story of my never-satisfied approach to life, lack of patience for antiquated processes, and general imposter syndrome (of not living up to my potential) for over beers with friends, but suffice it to say I’ve known for a while the design of the organization itself wasn’t made to support the ways I excel at working, and as a result I haven’t been able to make the impact I know I should be making.

What to do then? Create a new role for myself with different responsibilities? Keep my head down, not taking an active role in my future? Wait for a change that’s so desperately need, and slowly build frustration? I talked through these options (and many more) dozens of times with co-workers, coaches, and supportive family & friends, but realistically I always knew what my next step would be.

In the coming weeks I’ll be wrapping up projects at Libro and doing all that I can to set my team up for success both in the short and longer term, all before I move on to my next adventure.

The decision to leave Libro hasn’t been easy to make. It’s a fantastic organization and a group of exceptional people that have values which resonate very closely with my own. What I have come to realize though is that the very best combination of these things doesn’t always add up to contentment. That trying to force things to align when you know they won’t doesn’t help anyone to move forward in a positive direction, it only creates unnecessary friction.

While I’m going to miss many things about working at Libro I’m fortunate in that, as an Owner, there are many other ways to contribute to the organization.

I never have a master plan. I’m putting one foot in front of the other. Piera Gelardi

From how I got to where I am today, to where I’ll end up tomorrow, there’s no chart or graph that can predict where I’ll be found making an impact in the future. While it’s true that my journey in life has been anything but linear, it has been a very intentional journey, even more so in recent years.

Where I choose to invest my time, talents, and treasures, in both my personal and professional lives, are decisions always carefully made. Often times with too much planning, the opportunities I create for myself and those I let myself be open to, are purposeful ways to feed my curiosity, build an expertise, and grow as a human being.

So what’s next?

I’m curious about the possibilities.

I’m looking to help teams better understand complex problems towards the design of platforms & strategies that create more engaging experiences for individuals, organizations, and communities. I’m looking to be challenged so I can make an impact in the building of things larger than myself.

I’m interested in new and interesting opportunities that start with a conversation over coffee or beer, not with a job positing that someone’s looking fill. I’m not your average employee and me applying for a job like one isn’t going to benefit anyone. I’m not interested in wasting anyone’s time, energy, attention, or resources. I’m not interested in trying to fit into a mould that wasn’t designed for me.

If you’re interested in connecting, reach out via LinkedIn, Twitter or email, and I’d be happy to grab the first round of coffee (or beer) and talk about what type of value we can create together.