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Technologies and Tools for Change

Attending Tamarack’s workshop, Community Engagement: Technologies for Change, I was looking to deepen my understanding of community engagement and broaden the toolkit I use in my work. Connecting with fellow practitioners to develop a shared understanding of best practices and methodologies, I was curious of how we leverage digital tools and address the challenges surrounding their use.

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What’s Next?

What I have realized is that the very best combination of an fantastic employer and a group of exceptional coworkers that have values which resonate very closely with my own doesn’t always add up to contentment. That trying to force things to align when I know they won’t doesn’t help anyone to move forward in a positive direction, it only creates unnecessary friction.

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A City Study

I’m looking to gather a small group of ‘city-lovers’ who are interested in the ongoing examination of cities: their people & places, architecture & design, pasts, presents & future, economies & intricacies. What this looks like exactly, I’m not certain, but I’m interested in exploring the possibilities.

Life List

Some call it a ‘bucket list’ others a list of ‘things to do before I die’. To me it’s a life list; things I want to do at some time or another while I have the chance.

Life Rules

While not without habits that are ‘unreasonable’, I find that the following habits have played influential roles in shaping my daily life.

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Growing Prosperity

I was fortunate to be presented with one of the inaugural Growing Prosperity Awards this past weekend at the 2016 Libro Credit Union AGM, recognized for exceptional and significant contributions made to growing prosperity in southwestern Ontario.


I am optimistic about what Twenty-Sixteen will bring, not specifically because it’s a new calendar year, but because the goals I’ve set out for myself and the accolades I wish to achieve, while not easy, are wholly obtainable based on my own merit, outlook and work.

A Note on Depression

I’m writing this here so I can no longer hide behind past excuses, lies, misunderstanding, or any false expressions I’ve hidden behind for the majority of my adult life. I’m writing this here to be wholly accountable.

My Quantified Life

Countless times over my life I’ve tried to start habits; daily, monthly, even yearly, but have failed to keep up with them. Perhaps a short attention span, changing interests, quantities of time or resources, or a combination of all these in addition to other factors; I’ve found myself stopping certain practices on a number of occasions because I simply couldn’t make them stick.

Don’t Worry. [this city] is awesome.

Sometimes we need to be reminded that our cities are our homes, for better or worse, and that they have more positives to provide us than negatives, regardless of what some pessimists would have us believe. It needn’t be much, just something to let us know that everything is OK.

In Search of an Authentic Experience

Having lived in London most of my life, I wanted to experience what this city offers those who are in town simply to visit. I wondered about the people, places and things that visitors are told they must experience and whether or not these reflect the best experiences that the Forest City has to offer.

Facebook: A Year Later

I’m about to start my second year away from Facebook I’m looking forward to what it might bring. The benefits of my choice have been far greater than the consequences thus far and I have no doubt that the coming year will continue on in much the same way.

Farewell Twitter

Over the years my use of Twitter has gone from a place to complain to a place to build connections but more recently I’ve been concerned of the way my use of it has been heading. Over the past six months or so my use of Twitter as a beneficial element for improving my quality of life has been in decline. I’ve deleted my account once during this time to try and solve any issues I was having, I eventually rejoined and realized that quitting and coming back wasn’t any type of real solution.

Go West Young Man

Jody has encouraged me to bike more, taught me that rum + Arizona Iced Tea = Awesomeness, made me realize that I’m not crazy for wanting to live a life that is full of less stuff, been there to help with both small and large things and made me generally feel better about myself overall.

Back in the Saddle

After stepping away from photography for some time, today I found myself with a camera in my hands today. The feeling is something I missed.

28 Days Later

Sparked by an incident involving a banana, hockey and the fury of uncivilized ‘discussion’ that occurred both on and off-line, I became disenchanted with Twitter and those whom I had engaged with online.

Social Media: An Unofficial History

If we look to historical examples for a better understanding of what social media actually is I think that we will find that social media/mediums has been around for a much longer time than people want to admit.