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What is Place but a Social Construct?

Like time, place may simply be a social construct—not needing to be connected to geographic space, physical location, or physicality whatsoever.

Existing more in the abstract, through our relations with one another, place may only be connected to tangible environments when we choose to collectively assign the label of place to the spaces we share.

Then again, perhaps place is a social contract—an agreement between individuals and collectives on how they will relate to one another. How, as a community, individuals come together to collectively generate shared meaning from their experiences while occupying spaces together; spaces that may be traditional and physical as well as abstract and metaphorical.

Investigating The Importance of Place provided the opportunity to form the initial thoughts on place; they have yet to be fully explored but serve as a foundation for ongoing contemplation on, and the interpretation of, ideas surrounding what constitute place.

As these thoughts continue to expand in words, and focus in scope, I will add to and build upon what is noted above.

September 23, 2019 Research Writings

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