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December 31, 2020

How to Read the News

After many years of struggling to read the news I finally found the optimal process to make this activity bearable:

  1. Don’t read any opinion pieces.
  2. Always read at least one sports piece—the most non-sports like one is likely the best option.
  3. Don’t read the—always conservative—Editorials.
  4. Read the paper from back-to-front, beginning with the last section.
  5. Don’t read the London Free Press, or anything published by a Postmedia outlet. (I break this rule each and every day)
  6. Read everything written by Margaret Atwood. Always.
  7. Don’t read anything written by Chip Martin or Jim Chapman or Jane Sims. The are all old, white, angry, conservative, elitist, racist, and completely out of touch with reality of modern society.


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