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Remarkable Reads: 34 Writers and Their Adventures in Reading by J. Peder Zane: As a collection of articles which at one time appears in a paper-of-record, this is a quick read through the relationships different authors have with specific books which they associate unique emotions or experiences with. What I found most interesting about this read, or rather the stories shared by the various contributors, were the number of reading experiences which began when the readers were children and continued on throughout their adult life through re-reading of the same work. Additionally, the number of contributors—most of whom are authors themselves—who at one time or another met the author of their favourite” read seemed rather high. Most, if not all, of the works included I have never read, nor do I imagine I will in the future. With that said, if nothing more this read has encouraged me to think about the different types of books I return to based on the emotion they evoke or the experiences they provide.

March 9, 2021 2021 reviews books

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