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tagged: Internet

Returning to a Slower Web

After years of trying to keep up with the Internet, I'm tired.

As a fast moving series of tubes, the World Wide Web hasn't showed any sign of slowing down since I came online back in 1996. As a result, the Internet now moves at a pace that is widely out of step with the rhythms of my daily life. For the most part, the way the Web functions today is directly at odds with how I prefer to engage and communicate with others.


March 10, 2021 Internet Notes

A Fresh Start

On starting over and reconsidering one’s online presence.

The relationship I have with the Internet, and how I interface with it, is forever changing. Always in flux, and a slave in many ways to bouts of severe depression and imposter syndrome, the way I represent myself online never seems to be clear, consistent, or envisioned with any sense of focus. While others may argue this is far from reality, when I take a moment to step back and review the various shapes and forms my online self has taken over the years this is the conclusion I come to. So, I have decided to pause things for a bit.


October 28, 2020 Internet Notes

Dear Facebook Friends

The day has come when I must leave you all.

It is with very little regret that I choose to leave Facebook. I’m optimistic about the future, what it will bring and how it will evolve and I have little to no concern about there being a lack of Facebook in my life or people to call “friends”.


December 20, 2011 Internet Notes