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bus ridersbus riders

September 22, 2021 photos street

reader in cafereader in cafe

November 16, 2018 photos street

order uporder up

August 1, 2018 photos street

celebration in the streets - paris, francecelebration in the streets - paris, france

July 10, 2018 photos street

cafe viewscafe views

October 31, 2017 photos street

long daylong day

October 31, 2017 photos street

full spreadfull spread

August 3, 2015 photos street

not forrestnot forrest

July 25, 2014 photos street

entertainer - b&wentertainer - b&w

April 12, 2014 photos street


August 21, 2013 photos street


November 16, 2012 photos street

Big City Lights

In the summer, in the city. 🌃

Spend any amount of time in a city, at night, and you will soon uncover its true essence. The beat of the city’s heart, its neglected people and places, the things that truly matter and everything that has, or can be forgotten.

Big city lights.

The scenes we pass by during our daily travels, coming to and from work, are the things we never give attention to but that deserve more of it. Often, the only time we have the head space, perspective, or time to appreciate these intimate spaces is after all of the offices have closed; after the sun has gone down, and the city is left to be everything it is and nothing that others claim it to be.


November 4, 2012 #ldnont street works photo essays

delivery - toronto, ontariodelivery - toronto, ontario

June 19, 2012 photos street

low riders on dundaslow riders on dundas

May 2, 2012 photos street

fcg - hot dogfcg - hot dog

April 10, 2012 photos street

man with purseman with purse

April 9, 2012 photos street