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The Graduate (1967): I’ve always known about this film. I’ve heard that it’s somewhat of a good coming-of-age tale. I was told it put Dustin Hoffman on the map (not to mention Simon & Garfunkel for the soundtrack). So, on a whim last night for date night” my wife and I chose to watch The Graduate to see what it was all about.

Oh, was I disappointed and confused.

Perhaps I was thrown off by the age of the film. Maybe it was the odd camera cuts. Likely the relative perceived age of the actors cast had an impact too. If nothing else, the story line itself was disjointed and left more than a little bit to be desired.

Consulting Rotten Tomatoes leads me to believe that I didn’t understand the movie, or that we just don’t appreciate good quality films when they are put in front of us. I’d push back on that.

Simple because many others say something is good does not make it true. Quality is subjective and clearly this film does not live up to the quality that I was led to believe it conveyed. Other than the soundtrack, and the funny although sometimes oddly placed humorous lines, this film simply didn’t stand up to the expectations I had going into it.

I’d be hard pressed to recommend this film to anyone I know.

September 23, 2021 2021 reviews movies

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