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Kevin Van Lierop is a place enthusiast living in London, Canada.
He is curious about the locations where learning, leadership, and civic-life intersect.

During the global pandemic, Kevin is taking time to relax and recharge; these days he is mostly reading.

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Selected Works

For some, Lake Fanshawe is just a pool of water that is too slow at the evaporation game, for others it is downstream from places where life moves at a slower pace (hi, St. Marys!). And for some, those occupying the surrounding day-use conservation area at any given moment, it can be a place for their children and dogs to pee while other people swim and fish. For me, well, Lake Fanshawe may just be my temple in the woods.” Circumnavigating Lake Fanshawe

Master of Adult Education — St. Francis Xavier UniversityMaster of Adult Education — St. Francis Xavier University

On Appreciating the Land Which Surrounds Us

Discovering a renewed appreciation for all things local.

The Importance of Place: Exploring Informal Learning for Community Leadership through Auto-Ethnography — 2020The Importance of Place: Exploring Informal Learning for Community Leadership through Auto-Ethnography — 2020

My Hometown Sucks, Place, and Shared SamenessMy Hometown Sucks, Place, and Shared Sameness


Read a treatise on communities of identity, faith, and place.

Like time, place may simply be a social construct—not needing to be connected to geographic space, physical location, or physicality whatsoever. Existing more in the abstract, through our relations with one another, place may only be connected to tangible environments when we choose to collectively assign the label of place to the spaces we share.” What Is Place but a Social Construct?

17 Grand Ave — 2015–⁠2019⁠17 Grand Ave — 2015–⁠2019⁠

When we talk about place we need to first concern ourselves with people and consider their diverse cultures. Recognizing the depth of relationships and experiences individuals and groups have with one another, and the meaning they collectively generate as a result, it is essential to understand how they identify with the spaces they occupy before before breaking ground on the next great public works project and labeling it as a place before it is even completed. Perhaps this is where the root of the problem begins; that place is far too often confused to be the same thing as space, and that the former without any genuine meaning attached to it is simply the later.”Place as a Verb

What if, as tourists & visitors, we made more of an attempt to seek out authentic experiences? What if we made the choice to take the path less travelled’ and step outside the comfort of what has been created for us by the tourism industry?”Authentic Experiences

Rochester, New YorkRochester, New York

Parking (Ottawa, Ontario)Parking (Ottawa, Ontario)

What About Our Stories?

Thoughts about leaving a local narrative from an era in history that’s worth reading—one that reflects a greater reality beyond what is written & read in the daily rag’.

When was the last time you got together with your neighbours simply to party?
Now is the time.

Big City Lights — London, CanadaBig City Lights — London, Canada

Unofficial signs take first steps — Anna Bowness Spacing Magazine, Fall 2012Unofficial signs take first steps — Anna Bowness Spacing Magazine, Fall 2012

[this city] is
old & white.
not enough.
a lost cause.

Don’t Worry.
[This City] is Awesome.
Find out why.

Hamilton Road — London, CanadaHamilton Road — London, Canada

This Once WasThis Once Was

Paris, FranceParis, France