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Hi. 👋
I’m Kevin
Van Lierop.

I’m a place enthusiast, community leader, and higher education professional located in the forest city—London, Canada. I am curious 🤔 about the locations where learning, leadership, and civic-life intersect.

A goal to enable individuals and communities to take greater ownership over their futures has led to the most rewarding work I have ever completed. Approaching my work as a servant-leader, my expertise is in designing platforms, strategies, and solutions which create engaging experiences in support of helping others achieve their goals.

These days, I work at Fanshawe College as an Academic Consultant. In my role, I analyze academic offerings and strategize ways our organization can engage, educate, and empower students to think critically and develop a sense of social responsibility and global citizenship. What this looks like day-to-day is a mixed bag of solving other people’s problems and finding answers to questions we shouldn’t be asking in the first place.

Before working at Fanshawe College, I led communities in transforming the way they see and inhabit both their neighbourhoods and cities. Although it is not a complete archive, I have collected together in one place the work I am most proud of 🖼️ which includes:

  • The Localist—a weekly local publication I co-founded 📰
  • Circumnavigating Lake Fanshawe—finding a temple in the woods 🏞️
  • Block Party in a Box—a resource for planning & executing block parties 📦
  • Walk London & 100 Ways—poster projects designed to converse & engage 📃
  • For Community—a treatise on communities of identity, faith, and place 📢
  • PARK(ing) Day—a re-imagination of parking spaces as public open space 🅿️
  • Good City—the flag most of my place-based work flies 🏁

👉👉👉 Click here to view these works and others…

In 2020, after two decades of leading place based efforts, I took time to carefully investigate 🔍 what role place has in shaping the learning experiences most influential in fostering community leadership. Now, I use the knowledge I’ve gained through experience & research to advise and strategize with civic organizations on how they can encourage citizens to become more active & engaged in shaping the places they call home.

I hold a Master of Adult Education in Community Development from St. Francis Xavier University 🎓, a Diploma in Urban Planning from Fanshawe College, and a Bachelor of Education from Western University.

When not in the office, I can now1 be found: (mostly 🔗) reading 📚, caring for aging family members, participating in small-scale urban homesteading 🌾, or sorting through 10 years of photos 📸 (1,000,000+ frames) I’ve taken of places and their inhabitants.

I’m Open to Remote Work 💻+👔

I am interested in and open to remote work opportunities across the areas of education, leadership, and community/civic development & engagement. If you would like discuss an opportunity where your organization’s purpose driven efforts align with my skills, knowledge, experience and expertise please email me.

  1. these days I’m hesitant to make any comment about how COVID-19 has impacted what we’ve known as normal’ for so long. I feel that the pandemic—as an excuse—is used to escape us from confronting actual realities surrounding why some things have changed or failed. With that said, if this global pandemic has done one thing personally for me it has put life into perspective and brought to the forefront what my one true priority is. Maintenance—family, tight-knit communities and the care of one’s self has proved to be of the upmost importance, not only in these seemingly uncertain times but in every day living.↩︎